Welcome Debbie Field!


I Can’t Wait!
Please continue to pray for all the people and parishes in the archdiocese of Cincinnati as a key step in the Beacons of Light process draws near. Archdiocesan priests will gather this Wednesday and school principals on Thursday as the plan for the families of parishes will be announced. Personally, I can’t wait!
In 2002, as the youngest pastor in the archdiocese at the time, my first pastorate was to Immaculate Conception, Botkins and St. Lawrence, Rhine (and
chaplain at a Lehman Catholic High School.) Eight years later, we added St. Joseph Wapakoneta to our region (family) and then four years after that, we added St.John, Fryburg to the mix. It was a joy to be pastor of multiple parishes for many reasons. I’ll be sharing some of those joys over the next months and as we are partnered with one or more parishes when the joys and crosses of “regioning” “familying” will be ours. To reiterate, I can’t wait!!

Masking, a Spiritual Discipline
In last week’s bulletin, I promised some reflection about masking as a spiritual discipline. My words this week need to be limited. However, until future weeks
when bulletin space allows space for reflection, consider a mask as an ascetic discipline. The definition of an ascetic discipline is “practicing strict self-denial as a measure of personal and especially spiritual discipline.” If you have some time and an inclination to do some research into church history, google some of the following words: hair shirt, fasting, flagellation, vigils, seclusions (even atop a pole!)

Honesty and Masking
Thanks to the unvaccinated who are being honest and following guidelines to mask. I’m sure the number of people not abiding by this guideline are not many.
However, when we went to required masking for a time, I had conversations with people unhappy we were requiring masking. When I asked whether they had been vaccinated, a couple were not and still refused to mask. A similar couple of times in the confessional, people have confessed their disobedience or dishonesty of being unvaccinated and unmasked. May the Lord we receive at Eucharist and who forgives our sins help us all to continue to put on his mind and heart in greater measure!

Stewardship Cards
Thanks to parishioners who participated in stewardship weeks by taking cards and reading through them at Mass. Special thanks to two groups of parishioners who turned in stewardship cards. 1. Thanks to new parishioners who completed a card and who committed to finding out about the possibility of hearing Jesus call to follow him as a disciple by taking on a new ministry. You are particularly inspiring! New parishioners are a primary reason we have this approach to stewardship. 2. Thanks to current parishioners who use the stewardship card as a “report card,” an offering to the Lord of what they are already doing. I greatly appreciate you! This helps us track engagement. A key dimension of the strategic plan is that we can track changes we are making to better serve Jesus. The stewardship cards are a clear sign of engagement, a simple yet profound act oflove for Jesus and his body at Incarnation Church!

Introducing Debbie Field
Please see the following introduction from Debbie Field, our new Engagement Coordinator! Debbie is in with both feet and reaching out with both hands encountering and being Jesus in new ways! Welcome Debbie!

Sincerely and with Love in Christ, Fr. Pat

Dear Incarnation Family,
As I join the staff of Incarnation as the Parish’s Engagement Coordinator, I do so with great expectations. My primary focus will be in support of the many volunteers serving our Parish. In the short time I have worked for the Parish in this new role, I’ve discovered we have more than 400 contributors in our various ministries who work on a volunteer basis. Their tireless dedication to so many richly filled ministries has made me comment more than once
“Where would our Parish be without them?” I’ve been a parishioner with Incarnation for approximately 10 years and my background for the last
45 years has been in Human Resources. I am expecting my most recent experience as a Human Resource Manager will bring tools to this new position, allowing me to reach out to our volunteers, and all our parishioners, as we all work toward serving Our Lord. I also serve as a volunteer gardener and I plan on continuing my gardening responsibilities. Many of you may have seen me out in front of the church tending to the gardens which surround the entrance to the church. However, this new role will allow me to contribute in a different way. I enter this new chapter in my life, realizing that I must do what my heart
and the Holy Spirt has called me to do, leaving behind so many talented people and treasured business relationships. I will be reaching out to many of you in the
days and weeks to come as I develop this newly formed position within the Strategic Plan. I’ll need lots of help and your support. Please pray for me as I start a whole new chapter in my life, transitioning from working with a salaried employee workforce to working with our generous volunteers and parishioners.
I want to thank Father Pat and Stacy Stang for their confidence in me, allowing me to perform my “dream job” of someday working for my Parish.
One last note, when you see or are talking with a volunteer, please be sure and say, “thank you”. Their efforts and very hard work play a major role in what
makes Incarnation Parish the special place it is today.

Debbie Field, Parish Engagement Coordinator