Child Protection – Safe Parish

In July 2021, the archdiocese moved to SafeParish as the new platform for Child Protection training and compliance.

SafeParish is an organization that specializes in training and education solutions for organizations worldwide. They have 20+ years of experience in providing child safe environment training programs.

SafeParish will continue to work with our current background check provider If you were Virtus trained, all training and background information in your VIRTUS account will be transferred to SafeParish once you register. No new live training through SafeParish will be required if you have completed live child protection training through VIRTUS.

Ongoing child protection training will still be required for all volunteers and employees and will consist of quarterly interactive video-based training.

Weekly Emails

Each Tuesday SafeParish sends an email regarding the updated child protection and workplace safety articles that are posted on the SafeParish website. These articles are NOT required but are recommended reading.

Quarterly Bulletins

Quarterly Bulletins are required. You can log into your SafeParish account to find out if you have bulletins due.

For SafeParish Registration Instructions
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If you need further assistance, contact our Safe Environment Coordinator Joan Macpherson at 937-433-1188 by phone, via email.