Welcome to Our Parish

We are a Roman Catholic, Christian community of the Church of the Incarnation located in Centerville, Ohio. Although we are diverse in many ways, we are one because of our faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. All that we are and do comes from this faith.

We recognize that our reason for being is to incarnate Christ in our community. Our core values of jumping in with both feet, reaching out with both hands and encountering Christ in others helps us to make our reason for being concrete in our community.

Our website is meant to help visitors begin to know us and to stay connected.

To register and officially join our parish family, click here to fill in our online form, see a staff member or welcome minister before or after any Mass, or stop by the parish office and meet us in person!

Welcome from our Pastor

Welcome to Incarnation Church and thank you for visiting our website. We hope you’ll gather with us for our welcoming, engaging, and spirit filled Masses and consider becoming a parishioner!

How we do in our faith life is similar to how we are successful in other important areas of life, areas like a friendship, work inside or outside the home, school and marriage.  One key to success is realizing that what we put into something is what we end up getting out of it.

Initially, as our core values state, “jumping in with both feet” means attending Mass faithfully on the Lord’s Day, to thank and praise the Lord for so much!  Of course, attending Mass is one of the most selfless things we can do, since one of our primary reasons for attending is not simply to fulfill an obligation or even to get something out of it, but rather to pray for others.  So many people need the help of our unselfish prayers and presence.  Mass is a best way to help others because Jesus is powerfully present in so many awesome ways.

In addition to attending Mass on the Lord’s Day, our core values say we “reach out with both hands.” Doing so means we ought to strive to share our gifts and talents, benefitting from others’ gifts.  We have some wonderful ministries and opportunities to meet Jesus and announce his good news to the world.  What are your gifts and talents and how might you share them with Jesus and his body, the Church?

Finally, keep alert to opportunities offered in the bulletin for lifelong faith formation, things like Bible and book studies, a video series, a talk or special opportunities for prayer.  Check out our Stewardship Cards of Time and Talent for hundreds of ideas!  Remember, faith just can’t stay stationary.  If our faith is not growing, it is dying.  Come experience vibrant and growing faith at Incarnation!

Again, thanks for letting the Lord lead you to Incarnation website.  We will welcome you warmly at Mass.  Say hello to me, Fr. Ignatius and other staff members at church or stop by the office to meet staff.  We need you to be a better image and presence of Jesus to our community!

Sincerely and with Love in Christ,

Rev. Patrick L. Sloneker 

Debbie Field
Parish Engagement Coordinator

Rev. Patrick Sloneker

Stacy Stang
Pastoral Administrator