Church of the Incarnation Parish Leaders

Our Lady of Light Family Leadership Team

Rev. Brian Phelps, Pastor: 937-433-1188

Deacon Chris Rauch, Our Lady of Light Family Director of Finance and Stewardship: 937-433-1188 ext. 1021

Stacy Stang, Our Lady of Light Family Director of Worship: 937-433-1188 ext 215

Christine McGrath, Our Lady of Light Family Director of Evangelization: 937-433-1013 ext 1009

Christen Aquino, our Lady of Light Family Director of Youth & Mission: 937-433-1013 ext 1007

Leah Coghlan, M.S. Principal: 937-433-1051 ext 138

Mike Hoendorf, Development Director: 937-433-1188 ext 212

Vicki Hume, Communications Director: 937-433-1013 ext 1003


Family Council (Incarnation & St. Francis of Assisi Campuses)

Betsy Brown, Sarah Chivers (past Co-Chair), Kim Conde (past Co-Chair), Skip Fromm, Lisa Grunkemeyer, James Holahan, Michele Jakoboski (Vice Chair), Dave Laurash (Chair), Carrie Naples, Laura Robbins, Jill Shal, Megan Sparks, Raquel VonHandorf (Admin Secretary), and Christine Winters.

Parish Council typically meets the third Tuesday 7:30 pm in the All Saints Room at St. Francis of Assisi Campus (exceptions: no meetings in December & July).

To reach the Pastoral Council Email:

Parish Commissions

Finance Commission

Louis Ahlers
Bob Gutmann
Andrew Horner
John Krebs
Mike Krug
Steven Skerl
Erin Strait
Mary Beth Walusis
Kathy Theodore
Sarah Seckt

Worship Commission

Blake Rinderle
Deb Ruemmele
Jeff Stricker
Jim Heintz
Joseph Runser
Kathy Lammlein
Kevin Samblanet
Ruth Reeve
Stacy Stang
Tony Deliberato
Matthew Schlosser