Social Media and Incarnation Church

Social Media and Incarnation Church

The Danger of Thankfulness
Thankfulness and danger don ‘t seem to mix. How could it possibly be dangerous to be thankful?! Because I’m as strong a realist as an idealist. I’m a big fan of Murphy’s Law, which probably has something to say about being thankful and how it might end up bad. In fact, I live on the edge regarding the thankful danger all the time…in the bulletin!

One of the dangers of giving thanks in the parish bulletin, something I strive to do every week, is that I’ll miss somebody or something. A case in point is last week’s bulletin contribution about the 5 PM Oktoberfest Mass on October 2. I thanked school and office personnel. I thanked W. G Grinders and Warped Wing Brewery. With regret I missed perhaps the essential key to our 5PM Masses: The Nearer to God Band

Members of the Nearer to God Band are a wonderful blessing to us and exemplary in good stewardship of Talent! I work to be grateful to them with regular applause from the congregation. However, I dropped the ball in thanking them for the Mass last week when they were particularly “in the zone” and a channel of the Holy Spirit during that liturgy. I love you Nearer to God Band members! Many thanks for your awesome ministry to Jesus and us!!

Mission Sunday and its Envelope
Mission Sunday is next weekend. We are all called to be missionaries, evangelical in our role of telling family, friends and strangers alike about our experience of Jesus’ Good News. Please see the Mission Sunday Envelope in our bulletin packet to help worldwide with our treasure.

Social Media
Please see the article below for information about some of our social media offerings. Thanks to staff member, Joan Macpherson, assistant to the bookkeeper, for helping us organize and maximize social media!

Sincerely and with Love in Christ,

Fr. Pat

Staying Connected to Your Flock
We have a tremendous community here, and we want to make sure it is as easy as possible for every one of you to be involved and connected to it all.
A few weeks ago, we launched a new communication tool called Flocknote. Flocknote is going to allow you to receive updates from us via email and text. There are several ways you can subscribe:

  • Text to Join: Text INCAR7to 84576. You will be sent a text with a link to join.
  • Visit our web site: The link to sign up for Flocknote can be found under ” Latest News”, or at the bottom of the home page.
  • Visit our custom URL:
    You will see a screen with our logo and a place to fill in
    your information. Once you have joined, you need to subscribe to the information you would like to receive.

We recommend that everyone subscribe to our weekly newsletter, “Church of the Incarnation News”. This weekly newsletter will include regular group and ministry communications; Fr. Pat’s column, and the parish bulletin. There will be updates about special events, as well as inclement weather notices that may effect those events. You can also subscribe to Groups. Our “Groups” in Flocknote are still forming, and we will announce new groups for you to join as they are formed. In the meantime, we have groups for Young Adults, The Youth Group, and several Study Groups.

The Parish App
As you may know, our Parish App is no longer active . Flocknote will send out regular communications via email and text, but it is not intended to replace our Parish App. We are currently looking into other App options and hope to have the situation resolved soon. In the meantime, Flocknote and our Parish Website remain our regular sources of digital communication.

We are on a mission here at Church of the Incarnation, and we want you to be a part of it. This is a great opportunity for you to get plugged in to the many wonderful things we have going on here. If you are having trouble, have a suggestion, or would like to ask a question, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to help!

Other Digital Tools, lnstagram and Facebook:
We recently created a presence on lnstagram ; you can find us on lnstagramatincarnation_catholic_church,as well as on Facebook at, The Church of the Incarnat ion. There will be more engagement on both of these platforms once we hire a Director of Marketing. In the meantime, we encourage you to follow us there and leave a comment using the hashtag #Hellolncarnation.

Find Streaming on our Web Page:
We continue to stream Masses; you can find the link on the home page of our parish website: incarnation­ You can find the streaming schedule on the front page of our bulletin. Recently, our parish website went through a major renovation and now includes a module for “Latest News” as well as, “The Pastor’s Column”. You can also find current bulletins on the home page.

All of these digital platforms allow us to connect with you in as many ways as possible and to invite others to join us. Digital Media is like a living, breathing, thing, and it is always changing. Our hope is that it will be an additional tool that will allow us to stay connected to one another. Keep us in your prayers as we continue our search for a Marketing Director. We welcome your feedback, specifically about the Parish App and what you miss the most. To submit your feedback send an email to info@incarnation . We hope to hear from you.

Joan Macpherson
Assistant Bookkeeper