Vacation 2021 and Much More

Sister Teresa’s Golden Jubilee
Parishioner Ellen Vogel tipped me off that a holy woman among us is celebrating an anniversary. Sister Teresa Marie Laengle, SC, who can be seen often at Incarnation Sunday Masses, is celebrating her Golden Jubilee on August 15, fifty years as a Sister of Charity! Ellen relayed the following about Sister Teresa. Over the many years of service to the Lord Jesus as his bride, Sister Teresa has held  leadership/administrative positions in her order and in non-profit organizations. She has positively influenced the Church and other organizations, bringing Jesus’ love for the poor and lowly and positively advancing people, communities and systems. She herself is positive and a cut above the norm, loved and respected by all she encounters. Currently, as a retired sister, she is the Spiritual  Director for the Dayton Ignatian Spirituality Project, ministering to men and women who have been homeless and are in recovery  from addiction, and she continues to be the liaison for the Dayton Area Sisters of Charity. Thank you and congratulations Sister  Teresa for your dedication, commitment and service to so many. Incarnation Church is joyful at your jubilee!

For those wishing to contact her, she can be reached at Sister Teresa Marie Laengle, S.C., 1001 Princewood Ave. Apt. A, Centerville, OH 45429.

Welcome Suppers
It was joy for Incarnation Staff to welcome some of our new parishioners at two suppers we hosted at the rectory a week and a half ago. While the majority who came were families with young children, there was a good mix, even a couple married fifty years!
Thanks to parishioners for doing what you can to be a welcoming parish by greeting people, smiling lots and not hugging the sides of pews, but rather, moving over in pews so that others can enter easily!

Accomplishments of Pastoral Council
At the end of this pastoral council year, one of the council members suggested that we list some of pastoral council’s accomplishments in the bulletin.

  •  Council members made themselves much more identifiable to everyone thru the use of self-worn lanyards at any Mass they attended, as well as holding Q&A sessions after each Mass the last Sunday of every month and making periodic calls & emails to
  • Advised Parish planning teams on Parish renovation and strategic planning initiatives
  •  Reviewed ongoing reports from Church and School staff regarding COVID preparedness and response
  •  Reviewed, discussed, and finally recommended, for Fr. Pat’s approval, the 5-year strategic plan
  •  Reviewed, discussed, and recommended for Fr. Pat’s approval the selection of a design group to create a renovation master plan for the church building, the annual budget, a new AC chiller system, and the construction of additional offices and needed maintenance in the Parish office building.

In addition, Pastoral Council (PC) also approved Howard Emsley as Chair and Julie Beeler as Vice-Chair of PC for the coming year.
Thanks to all parish leaders for your outstanding stewardship, leadership and service!

Vacation 2021
Because Archbishop’s Beacons of Light letter last week took my entire column, I wasn’t able to mention my departure for vacation before the fact. I’ll write from St. Catherine, in Lake Itasca, MN and let you know how things are going! There are some pictures of the church on the first couple of Google entries when searching “St. Catherine, Lake Itasca,” along with an article I wrote for the Sidney Daily News, Your Pastor Speaks column in 2017, the year before I was sent to Incarnation. The article tells a little about St. Catherine and how Lake Itasca is the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi. Be assured I will be remembering parishioners in my daily Masses and Sunday Masses up north!
Sincerely and with Love in Christ,
Fr. Pat