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I hope this email finds you well.
Recently someone told me I should watch the movie Encanto.  I watched it, and thought it was a really good movie.   I enjoyed the music and thought it was a very good story.  The character of Bruno, when you begin the movie, is elusive and seen as the villain of the family.  I won’t give the whole story away, but as the movie unfolds Bruno is really the one who is trying to keep the family together by healing the cracks.  I will just leave it at that .
There is a spiritual lesson in this as well.  Bruno was trying to heal behind the scenes so the family didn’t realize that was going on.  God works that way in our life too.  There are times when God doesn‘t feel like he is close but there are times when he is trying to heal us without us knowing it.  Those who heard my homily this past weekend heard how God let me know how he wanted to heal me.  I was at a conference this past week where I was praying about all of the things that were weighing me down and was hurting a little bit. Someone came to me before the adoration time and told me that God wanted to heal me from those things.  He then proceeded to say the things that I was praying about and God wanted to heal them.  God wanted me to be bold in my prayer.  There are times when God sends us a very clear message and others where God works behind the scenes.  Over all, God is still working.
As a Beacons of Light update, I met with the family liaison today who will help guide the Beacons process for this family.  The liaisons are people that the Archdiocese have recruited who have worked in management, and have been successful in leading their organizations.  Our liaison is retired and was the VP of A.K. Steel.  He will meet with the staffs in the near future to begin the conversation and rolling out the phasing of Beacons of Light.
I appreciate your patience as I try to understand all the facets of the parishes.  Right now I am trying to collect a lot of information so as I meet with the family liaison we can talk and discuss about how to begin the Beacons process well.
Please review and look over the Pathways website for Phase 1:  
Please also pray for everyone.
Thank you very much,
In Christ,
Fr. Brian