In my message last week, we looked at the results of the interviews and the aggregate score of the ultimate question survey.

Today’s message will detail the comments of the ultimate question survey. If a person rated Our Lady of Light family a 9 or 10, they were asked to state why they gave a score of 9 or 10.

If someone gave a score of 0-8, the person was asked what it would take to get us to a 9 or 10. Here are the commendations and recommendations that came from the Ultimate Question Survey. Commendations are from the 9 and 10 raters, and the Recommendations are from the 0-8 raters.

The Ultimate Question Survey: Overview of Comments

  • Commendations
    • Welcoming
    • Friendly and caring
    • Good communications
    • Our liturgies
    • The priests
    • The merger has been good.
    • Wonderful opportunities for spiritual growth.
    • Like the various ministries
    • Welcoming and prayerful
    • School is amazing.
    • Strong sense of community
    • The leadership group is excellent.
    • Engaging and available
    • Like the effort of improvement.
    • So many options to enrich our faith
    • Great effort to bring families together
    • Commitment to evangelization
    • Faith-filled community
    • Good communication
    • Enjoy our traditional mass
    • So much offered
    • We’re accomplishing Beacons of Light goals.
    • Very active parishes
    • My child is happy in school – great academics.
    • Great liturgies and homilies
    • Faculty/staff are great.
    • P.R.E.P. (Parish Religious Education program) is great.


  • Recommendations
    • Need more young people involvement.
    • Need to be more like a family.
    • Need diversity and inclusion.
    • Both parishes can be warmer. Too many guarded kingdoms.
    • Lacking sense of community
    • Need more activities that bring people together.
    • Need more parish activities for the children.
    • More bible study and religious growth opportunities
    • More reverence at mass. Too noisy.
    • Priests are stretched too thin.
    • Same people do everything – hard to get involved.
    • Need more personal communication.
    • Stuck in the past – our new parishioner welcoming, our music, our sound system.
    • Too new to feel connected.
    • Teach people how to use a microphone.
    • Need more community activities.
    • Feel like an outsider.
    • Need to be more organized with the Beacons’ project.
    • Need daily mass and live streaming.

As we continue this strategic planning process, we will work through these next four workshops with our planning teams to map out the Beacons of Light process to grow this family in the mission of our Lord: “Go and make disciples of all nations.” This feedback helps us to know what we can begin to focus on right now.

Thank you very much.

in Christ,
Fr. Brian