Consecration of Ukraine, Russia and US
Thanks to parishioners last weekend for participating in the consecration of Ukraine, Russia and us to peace and to the values embodied in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. During these remaining weeks of Lent, may we make the most of our prayer, fasting and giving for the causes of peace and justice.

Holy Week
Holy Week will arrive in two weeks. Please see the Holy Week schedule in the bulletin and consider attending a Triduum service you don’t usually attend as a prayer, sacrifice and blessing for the people of Ukraine. Recall, the Triduum begins with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday Evening, continues with
one of the Celebrations of the Lord’s Passion and then concludes with the Easter Vigil… which begins the fifty days of Easter!

Interview Heaven
As I have a personal goal of striving to be a better manager of people and situations, and as I am always reading management books and learning all that I can,
one topic in the business field that I haven’t studied much about is hiring. Sure, I have interviewed lots of people, thankfully, most times with the assistance of a search committee. Of course, I have been responsible for hiring lots of people. However, of all business-field related topics, conducting interviews and hiring continues to be an area of insecurity for me. Wonderfully, over the next weeks, I will be blessed to experience lots of interviews, not only at Incarnation, but
also at my new assignment. Incarnation Church will be interviewing for a coordinator of religious education, a development director, a marking director, a youth and young adult ministry coordinator, an assistant principal and perhaps a vice principal. As well, I went south to the Crescent Parish, Nativity, on Tuesday and Wednesday nights to participate on the search team for an assistant principal for Nativity School. Please pray for those who are searching for jobs and for those organizing searches for employees, including Stacy Stang, our Pastoral Administrator. Please pray for all who are part of search committees too. May we hire candidates in Jesus’ image, hardworking, gifted, wise and full of compassion!

Thanks to so many who are praying for mom. She is doing well and the plan, as of this past Tuesday, is that she will be able to go home within a week or so. She will be living independently with some in-home therapy, and my siblings and I will be staying with her for a time. On my way home to see her Sunday, I received a call from sis, relaying that she fell at the nursing home and was on her way to the hospital. She was trying to straighten/make her bed, something she ought not have been doing. When she reached across the bed, her feet slid out from under her. She went down to the floor on her knees, cracking her head on the nightstand. After five hours in the Emergency Room, and a couple of staples in her head, she was back at Westover to have a junior Wendy’s burger and chocolate frosty before bedtime. Wonderfully, she experienced no setback and continued with rehab without missing a beat. Please continue to pray for the sick, the powerless and the elderly!

The Sweetness of Jesus
Last week, pastors received word that the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is allowing parishes to restore reception of the Precious Blood of Jesus from the cup
beginning on April 24th. It has been a long time coming and yet, I wouldn’t have predicted that such approval would be granted so soon! Also, while it may seem like nearly a month would be enough time to prepare for the return of Jesus from the cup, it is not. Ministry schedules are made several months in advance, and the schedule through June is already being created.

Therefore, please keep reading the bulletin to discover the date Incarnation leadership decides is best to re-institute the cup. An initial thought is that we will
probably not offer the cup at every communion station. Rather, it is likely we will offer the cup at two communion stations. It will be a pleasure to offer and receive again the sweetness of Jesus in the cup.

Sincerely and with Love in Christ

Fr. Pat