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Flockote Message Sent Tuesday, August 3

The Conqueror

I hope this message finds you well.
Last week I found a new fun work out app.  It is called “The Conquerer.”  The app keeps track of how many miles walked, ridden a bike, or ran.  The catch is that they set it up as like you are hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro, or Pike’s Peak.  As you exercise it helps you to see the progress by how far you would have climbed up those mountains.  I chose a different path.   I chose the Lord of the Rings package which means you are following the trek of Frodo and Sam as they walk to Rivendell, through the mines of Moria with the fellowship, across the dead Marshes and finally into Mount Doom.  It is a way to think about your exercise differently with a fun way to imagine walking up a mountain or leaving the Shire.
As we begin the Beacons of Light, we too will be walking a trek.  As I have said, I have met with the family liaison. He will meet with the parish staffs by the end of August.
The next steps for the family:
  •  Setting up the Beacons Pathway Planning Team.
  • Maintenance work on Incarnation Church.
  • Putting Evangelization tools into place
The Beacons Pathway Planning Team will organize the way in which the phases of Beacons of Light begin to plan and have their strategies through the phases.  That planning team will begin to form committees needed to help the 6 principles move through the phases.  Posters explaining the different phases, principles and 31 parameters will be put up in and around the church and buildings.
The Beacons of Light pastoral planning will be the guiding process so that by June 30, 2027 the family of St. Francis of Assisi and Incarnation Parishes will be one canonical parish.  It is important that the Beacons Pathway Planning Team is in place so that Phase 1 can begin its work.  The team will consist of people from both Incarnation and St. Francis.
There are maintenance issues for Incarnation Church as well.  We will begin the process to replace and fix the roof, seal the outside of the church, and fix the ceiling.  We will go to the architect to design how to replace and fix the church roof, and the problem of it leaking.  The outside of the Church will also be sealed so the water will stop getting into the concrete walls.  The ceiling of the Church will also be looked at due to paint peeling.  That is the beginning of the maintenance work on the church.  This is the beginning of updating the Church.
Evangelization tools will also be put into place so that we can fulfill the mission our Lord Jesus Christ gave to us: “Go out and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 28:16).   There are many tools out there.  Some examples are Alpha, Light of the World, etc.
We plan to have more information to you all to help you know more about Beacons of Light and what the planning process will go through over the next 5 years.  We begin with the maintenance work and the beginning parts of Phase 1 of Beacons of Light.  Please familiarize yourself with the Beacons Pathway website:
Please request to sign up and get the emailed updates.  Also check out the different videos based on the 6 Guiding Principles as well as what Phase 1 has in store for us.
The 5 phases are
1. Leadership.
2. Vision.
3. Culture.
4. Planning.
5.  Mission.
The 6 principles are
1. Eucharist.
2. Church.
3. Leadership.
4. Stewardship.
5. Evangelization.
6. Love in Action
I won’t list out all the 31 parameters.
Thank you very much.  Please keep all of this in your prayers.
In Christ,