Summer Missionary Support

Andrew McKenna, an Incarnation 2019 Grad and soon to be 2023 Alter Grad is heading to Damascus for the summer to be a summer missionary for the Catholic Youth Summer Camp. Through his experiences at both Incarnation and Alter he has had many encounters with Christ, and his desire to become radically Catholic has grown. As a summer missionary he will work on the counseling staff as a small group leader for middle school students, to give them an opportunity to be in the real presence of God and put their faith in the center of all they do.

In order to do this important ministry work this summer, he needs your support! First and foremost he needs our prayers for his personal work in ministry and the hundreds of middle school students he will minister to all summer. Secondly, he needs additional financial support for this missionary opportunity. He will be in the back of Incarnation Church all weekend (May 20 & 21) to answer any questions and discuss this amazing opportunity, and collect any support you can give. The easiest way to support this mission is to visit: to give online.  All financial support given through this site goes straight to supporting his opportunity.