Join the Rescue Project at Our Lady of Light Family

Are you ready for some challenge and adventure?  Join The Rescue Project, an
8-week program designed to explore the profound impact of the gospel. Challenge your perceptions, engage in deep conversations, and journey toward a purposeful life. Find new ways to look at the world we live in and encounter new means of talking about deep truths with people of all cultures and generations.


Uncover the Gospel’s Story

Delve into four fundamental questions that unlock the profound narrative of the gospel:

  1. Created: Explore the origins of existence and discover the purpose behind your life.
  2. Captured: Confront life’s challenges, finding hope amidst difficulties.
  3. Rescued: Witness the redemptive work of God, offering hope and restoration.
  4. Response: Reflect on your personal response to the gospel, shaping your actions and purpose.


We offer a variety of formats

  1. Your group, your place: We can work with your group of 8 or more people in your home, guiding you through the Rescue Project process over 8 weeks. We can meet with you weekly or bi-monthly, according to your schedules.
  2. Your group, our place: We can meet with your group at either campus of Our Lady of Light Family.
  3. We will also be hosting Open Groups at the church. What a wonderful way to meet new people!


Our next Spring Open Group is at St. Francis of Assisi Campus Thursdays, April 11-May 23.
Bring a friend or come on your own.  Register for The Rescue Project today and be part of an unforgettable journey of community, conversation, prayer, and growth. Visit to RSVP.

Questions?  Contact Christine McGrath, Director of Family Evangelization, to find out how you can bring the Rescue Project to your group: or 937-433-1013 ext. 1009.