Music Ministry

The music ministry has been in overdrive ever since Holy Week. The choir has sung their usual weekly Sunday Mass at 10:30 am, but has participated in many other Masses as well. They sang for four First Communion Masses, two Confirmation Masses, and on Fr. Pat’s actual 25th Anniversary day (May 17) to name a few. Our brass quintet joined the choir several times since Easter, most recently on Pentecost and last Sunday to celebrate Fr. Pat’s parish farewell Mass. Today, the choir is singing for the Solemnity of the Body & Blood of Jesus (Corpus Christi) and will take a break until September.

With the new Sunday Mass times schedule beginning July 2, the n2Gb (Nearer to God Band) will begin playing at the 11:30 am Mass each Sunday. Years ago when overflow crowds required Incarnation to add Masses, the n2Gb was formed and faithfully provided music for the 9:30 am and 11:00 am Masses every weekend for nearly 20 years. The gym was always seen as a temporary site, eventually retuning all Masses to the church. That time has now arrived and we want to make sure the n2Gb has a new home in church. They will be working hard in the next few weeks to upgrade the sound system and permanently install their equipment as there won’t be much set-up time after the 10:00 am Mass.

If you are interested in joining Incarnation’s vibrant music ministry as a choir member, cantor, instrumentalist, or n2Gb member, please contact me anytime at or call the parish offices, or stop by and see me after any Mass anytime.


Kevin Samblanet

Director of Music & Liturgy



Thanks to parishioners and staff members who gave me an unforgettable 25th anniversary and going away! I have been touched beyond measure at the kindness, gratitude and love offered to me these past weeks.

The love the people of Incarnation have for Jesus is clear. As a priest, I have the awesome privilege of representing him in so many ways: to the grieving, to the sick, to the sinner, and to those hungering for the Word of God. Like parents and grandparents do for each other, I strive to work tirelessly for Jesus and his Church. I have felt the gratitude of God’s people for Jesus throughout my four years here. However, the celebrations over the past weeks has overwhelmed me with so much kindness, gratitude and love. How awesome and humbling that is.  Thank you! I pass that on to Jesus, from whom all praise and thanks are due!


With a large staff, Incarnation Church is always experiencing staffing transitions, whether at parish or school. Recently, our pastoral associate, Jose Martinez, took a job as a DRE for a parish family in Cincinnati. Jose was just getting started here and beginning some great initiatives. He was especially good at utilizing electronic media such as Flocknote.

As well, our coordinator of religious education/PREP Molly Glowacki, and her family are moving to Fort Wayne, IN. This was Molli’s first foray into parish ministry. She learned the ropes quickly and worked impressively, joyfully and diligently in Jesus’ service.

Please pray for staff members who are leaving and that the Lord will inspire with the Holy Spirit people to answer our call to fill the positions above.

…and Hellos

We welcome to Incarnation Michaela Dean, our new youth and young adult minister. Michaela comes to us from the agricultural corporate world, even as she has volunteered in the Church especially with young adults in Dayton for years.

We also welcome Mike Hoendorf as our development director, a newly created staff position as a result of the Incarnation Strategic Plan. Mike comes to us having worked in two ministerial settings and also for Catholic Social Services. I’ve asked each of them to contribute bulletin articles over the next weeks telling us about themselves.

Breakfast after the 9:00 Mass on June 26

For those who regularly attend the Sunday 9:00 am Mass, we will have a breakfast after the last 9:00 PAC Mass, which is the end of a decades-long era of the need for extra Masses outside the church due to all the development in south Dayton.

Please Pray for Continued Connection

Please pray for attendees at the 9:00 am and 5:00pm Masses as their Masses are cancelled due to Beacons of Light. Thanks to all who are bearing the cross of those losses with hope and grace. Special thanks to those who don’t miss a beat, but continue to attend an Incarnation Mass at another time. As I stated in last week’s bulletin, it does indeed look like the Nearer to God Band will be present at the 11:30 am Sunday Mass. Thanks to members of the band for leading us into continued connection! Special thanks to ministers at those Masses who offer themselves as ministers for  other Masses.

Box Brigade

Thanks to parishioners who might be able to help me move, by loading boxes into a truck in front of the rectory after the 10:30 am Mass June 26.

With enough people, this ought to take much less than half an hour!

Sincerely and with Love in Christ,

Fr. Pat


Fr. Pat Sloneker

St. Saviour Parish
4136 Myrtle Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45236