Lame Duck

Over the past week, some may have noticed that I haven’t been attending some important but non-essential duties. Please be assured that I’m not being a lame duck or a short-timer! Rather there are two reasons for my brief absences.

Absences Over the Past Days
The first is that I have been down with clergy at Crescent parishes as current pastors are preparing to hire employees who are leaving or retiring. I have received a general the lay of the land at the parishes and the opportunity to work with parish leaders wondering about what jobs/roles might be shared among the parishes. I appreciate that current pastors invited me to do so!

One such meeting occurred two Fridays ago. The meeting went well and it was a pleasure to begin to know some of the leaders of the parishes as well as some of the unique challenges the parishes face. Before that meeting I stopped by the rectory where one of the associates and I will be living. I wanted to take some pictures and measurements and they wanted the OK about a carpet color for the associate’s rooms. The carpet in that room took was water damaged.

The second and most significant reason for being absent began as I was coming back to Dayton that Friday afternoon. Fighting I-75 traffic, I received a call from my brother, Tim, telling me that mom had been transported to the hospital. Still south of Hamilton, I cut over to Hamilton arriving at the Emergency Room  to be with mom and my siblings.

Mom Had a Stroke

At this writing, it appears as though mom had a stroke. Thankfully, the stroke did not appear to affect her much physically. However, the stroke caused aphasia, which is preventing her from understanding/communicating.

Sharon, my sister, Tim and I have been taking shifts with her in the hospital, during one of which I’m writing this article. As her illness unfolds, I should be able to take care of all sacramental duties. I can accomplish much office work from the hospital. Otherwise, I may not be present for such non-essential but joyful and important duties like greeting before all Sunday Masses.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Pat

Some Notes on Liturgies

Liturgies during the Lenten Season take on a whole different feel from Ordinary Time. They have a somewhat subdued feel and a little more somber as we meditate on all that Jesus went through in his passion, death and resurrection in order to save us and open the gates of heaven. He went through all of this just to show how much he loves us. This should be evident in the music we sing and hear all during Lent.

A reminder: The second line on the hymn board will often have two separate numbers. The first number will always be the Sunday we are celebrating. If today is the third Sunday of Lent, then the number 3 will be posted. You can then go to the back of the hymnal to find the readings for the Third Sunday of Lent. The readings are always in a 3 year cycle; this year we are in Year C. The second number is the Responsorial Psalm. If a four digit number is posted, that will take you right to the correct Sunday readings and we will be singing that Responsorial Psalm version.

Every day we Live Stream one Mass for those who can’t be with us in person. People often ask how many people actually watch the live stream. Since the beginning of the year we average over 700 people (around the country) watch Sunday Masses in full or part. Daily Masses average around 30 people. Over 240 people listened to Fr. Ryan Ruiz’s talk at our Parish Mission last week. NB: We Live Stream all funerals, which can be downloaded for a keepsake. If you ever want a link to any Live Stream, please contact Kevin Samblanet at the parish offices or email me at

Kevin Samblanet

Director of Music & Liturgy