Gardeners, Start Your Engines!

As Incarnation’s grounds have been cleaned up and mulched, and as the weather warms, it won’t be long before our parish gardeners will rise to the task of planting and making our award-winning grounds beautiful. Thanks to gardeners who give of themselves planting and tending their gardens. Anyone wishing to jump in with both feet to tend a garden, please call the office. I think we have a few openings!

Current gardeners please be aware that Matt and Megan Davidson are taking over the role of coordinating our volunteer gardeners. They are new to Incarnation and a joy. It has been a pleasure to begin to get to know them as they participated in the recent Thomas Merton book discussion group. They will be contacting current gardeners and introducing themselves. Please let them know what we can do to help our volunteer gardeners!

A big thanks goes out to Kathy Antonelli who has lead gardeners over the past two years. Kathy reached out with both hands to help when I asked her. As the adage goes, “When you want something done, find a person who is too busy, because they’ll do a great job.” That has certainly been true for Kathy, who is a powerful presence of Jesus among us and who led gardeners to receive a beautification award from Washington Township!
A Missionary Member of Incarnation Church

Please see the article below, by parishioner Christina Gulas who tells of a wonderful mission of Jesus that she will be on this summer as well as an opportunity for us to help!

Sincerely and with Love in Christ,
Fr. Pat

Dear Incarnation Parishioners,

My name is Christine Gulas and I am currently in my freshman year studying Marketing and Psychology at Ave Maria University. My family and I have been parishioners at Incarnation for over 19 years and I am beyond thankful to call this Church my home. I can attribute most of my faith formation to the time I spent at Incarnation school and attending youth ministry there. Incarnation’s faculty, staff, and fellow parishioners revealed the beauties in the Catholic faith to me over the years, and I am forever grateful. I am very excited to share that this coming summer, I will be serving as an Alumni Corps summer missionary at the Apostolate for Family Consecration’s “Catholic Familyland” camp!

My family has attended Catholic Familyland for the past 13 years. Every summer at Catholic Familyland (CFL), over 4,000 people attend the Holy Family Fests to receive spiritual encouragement and transformation through a week-long retreat / camp experience. In fact, due to growing numbers, an additional fest was added in 2022 to accommodate for the demand of more participants! It’s an exciting time of growth with this ministry and I’m happy I was selected to take part in it! As a teen, CFL has always been my favorite part of the year, since it is an opportunity to connect with other Catholic teens and grow closer to Christ. I can honestly say that the reason I decided to continue my Catholic education at Ave Maria is because of the positive experiences I had at CFL. The Apostolate taught me how to make faith a part of my life in an incredibly authentic and loving way. Year after year, my heart has been transformed by God’s love and mercy through the goodness of a week spent at CFL and the faith-filled people I met there.

Now more than ever, families are in need of the eternal hope we have through Jesus Christ. I believe the Apostolate will play a tremendous role in bringing renewal to the families of our nation. I am so eager to see how the Lord will change lives this summer!

I am writing this letter to humbly ask for your help during my time as a missionary. Would you be willing to support the Apostolate for Family Consecration? I am truly grateful for any way you are able to support this mission!

If you have any questions about the Apostolate, you are welcome to contact me, or you can find more information on their website, Donations can be made online at or checks can be made payable to “The AFC” with “Ministry to Families; [Christine Gulas (AC Missionary)]” in the memo.

Thank you so much for your support! Please pray for the Apostolate and all those who will be impacted by their mission this summer. Know I will be praying for you during my time there!

In Christ,

Christine Gulas
3375 County Road 36
Bloomingdale, OH 43910