As part of the Solemnity of All Saints Day, Our Lady of Light Family is hosting a Festival of Saints.

Festival of Saints

All are invited for a free hotdog dinner, outdoor games, saint walk  between saint stations, contests & door prizes, and procession into 7:00pm Mass at Incarnation Campus.   Come dressed up as your favorite saint or angel.  (Costumes are not required to participate.)

In the case of rain or inclement weather the festival will take place at the Incarnation PAC.


Dinner:   hotdogs, chips & drinks provided
Outdoor games:   Volunteer to bring your corn hole and outdoor games for all to use at the Festival of Saints.  Set up on the bus parking lot next to the church offices.  See Donation/Volunteer link below.
Saint Walk:   A Saint Walk is a Catholic take on a Trunk or Treat.  It is the walk through the parking lot between 20+ saint stations (car trunks).  At each station one or more people will represent a saint and will show a picture of themselves (saint) and will introduce themselves (as saint).  They will give out treats to children and challenge them.

What is involved with hosting a Saint Station?
      • You will pick a saint from a list of saints that have not yet been selected by another volunteer using signup genius.
      • You will be representing that saint by optionally dressing up or decorating your trunk
      • You will read a two-three sentence script to introduce your saint
      • You will hand out a giveaway provided to you
      • The script, giveaways, photo of the saint, and costume idea will be provided
      • Contest and prize for best saint station judged by costume/decorations, creativity, energy/entertainment
Prizes:  Prizes awarded for best Saint Station and any age guest best dressed as a saint or angel.
Door Prizes:   One door prize ticket will be given to each Saint Walk participant. Drop the ticket signed with your name and phone number into the door prize ticket bucket at the end of the Saint Walk.  Drawing will occur between 6:30 pm and 6:45 pm.
Procession:   At the end of the evening, we have a “saint” procession into the 7:00 pm Mass!
Extra Candy from Halloween?
We can use your left-over Halloween candy for giveaways.
Please donate!
Donations may be brought to Incarnation School and dropped off at the donation box near the front office until November 1st.


Volunteer to run a Saint Station
Dress up as a saint, with optional supporting characters and/or your trunk to honor a saint.  You will be given an 8×10 photo of the saint you choose, a script to read/act out and giveaways.  Be as creative as you wish!  There will be a contest and prize for the best station.  Sign up to run a Saint Station at
Donate treats or Volunteer to assist with security and crafts
The festival will use lots of candy and treats to be given away at the Saint Stations. Donate your left-over Halloween candy and specific treats that match with Saints.  We also need security and craft volunteers.  Sign up to volunteer or donate at
Festival Schedule:
4:30 pm                  park saint walk station cars, setup outdoor games, feed volunteers
5:00 – 6:15 pm    food available to all
5:00 – 6:25 pm   saint walk open
6:30 pm                  prizes awarded
(best station, best participant saint, door prize, swag to each participant who comes dressed as a saint)
6:45 pm                 line up for saint procession in vestibule of church
7:00 pm                  Mass

Saint Resources:

Saint Cheat Sheet
Click HERE for a one page help guide about the Saints on our Saint Walk that gives a general description about the saints, and costume ideas. 

Saint Websites:

Check back for updates and details for this fun family event.