Debbie Field

What I Do:

As Engagement Coordinator I am a source of help and support to not only my fellow parish staff team, but also a point of contact to our hundreds of Incarnation volunteers. Without their involvement in the various parish ministries, where would the parish be? In addition, I am a strong advocate of process focused solutions as they support successful outcomes. As a result, I expect to develop processes and procedures which will improve the staff’s effectiveness toward each other and the parish. Contact me: • If you are a parish volunteer and need help with a problem or just want to talk. • If you want to be more involved in parish activities. • If you have an idea for a parish ministry which will encourage parish involvement as well as promote our core values of reaching out with both hands and jumping in with both feet.

About me:

I like to garden at my home and have been permitted the opportunity to also be a gardener at Incarnation, responsible for the areas around the entrance to the church and the bell tower. I have a passion to learn all I can about the historical events of WWII and the those who gave their lives so I can be free. And finally, every day, I attempt to find 30 minutes and go for a drive through Kettering, Oakwood and Centerville, listening to selective music from 40’s through the 70’s, taking time to appreciate what happened that day and be thankful I’ve been given the gift of my dream job of working for my parish. My goal is to “make a difference” or at least try.

Favorite Saint:

I have two. 1) St. Francis. Among other things, he founded the Franciscan orders. The Franciscan sisters taught me through the eight grades in elementary school and I am the person I am today because of their kind and caring way of teaching us to love Jesus. 2) Saint John Paul II. I am of Polish heritage and will never forget the day Saint John Paul II was voted by the papal conclave as Pope. Such pride in a community in Old North Dayton, you have never seen. His life was a precious gift to the world.

Favorite Bible Quote:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 1 Corinthians 13:4