A Favorite Mystery
On All Souls Day, this past Tuesday, it was a joy to join other staff members to welcome parishioners whose loved ones died this past year. All Masses unite us in a special way with our deceased loved ones. However, the All Souls Mass of Remembrance is even more a reminder to us that our prayers help them to be in glory…and how they are helping us with their prayers. Because they are one with Jesus, they know everything. Therefore, they know what we need and are praying that we will know that too, and cooperate with Jesus’ grace, to attain what we need to know, love and serve Jesus better and to announce him to others. May we continue to wonder about and understand better the great mystery of the Communion of the Saints! It is one of my most favorite mysteries of the faith!

Guest Contributors
See below two articles that I asked staff members to write. They come at just the right time, since after being away on five days of vacation and a five day retreat, I’m quite behind, and appreciate them writing about interesting and important things.

In the first contribution, I asked Engagement Coordinator, Debbie Field, to tell more great news about Stewardship Weeks. The second contribution is from Fr. Ignatius writing a bit about his recent vacation. Thanks Fr. Ignatius and Debbie!

Sincerely and with Love in Christ,

Fr. Pat

Installment two of our series on Stewardship Week Results
In our last article we shared with everyone the results of those who participated in completing Talent Cards during the weeks of September.

This week we look at those who completed a TIME stewardship card involving those who participate in ways they are actively growing in their faith.  Participation in completing TIME cards increased by 176% from 2020.

  •  323 people completed the TIME cards
  •  72% are already involved in some faith formation ministry/activity
  •  256 people wanted to be contacted about joining various faith formation ministries/activities

Displaying stewardship is an act of caring for the gifts God has given you. Your level of participation to be more involved in growing your faith, reflects a wonderful way to hold Jesus in your heart. And those who are actively engaged in some level of faith formation is a testament to the love we have for our Lord, and the rich and faith filled ministries our parish supports.

May Jesus bless all those whose deep faith is so richly displayed in their service to our ministries, in their daily lives and in the lives of their families.

Debbie Field, Parish Engagement Coordinator

Fr. Ignatius’ Vacation

Stonewood, West Virginia
I drove from Centerville to Stonewood, West Virginia, about 5 hours roughly, to visit a couple of my classmates. We studied Theologies together, and I spent four days visiting with them. One classmate had joined us from California. While there, we traveled about five hours to visit Niagara Falls and spent five hours there. The falls is a natural Wonder of God’s beautiful creation. We took a ride on the Maid of Mist boat that takes you into the heart of the mist at the falls. We stayed until it was dark and experienced the lights that illuminated the falls with vibrant colors. Then, we went home and rested for a day before heading to Washington D.C. In Washington, I visited the White House and a couple of Museums. I was not able to spend that much time in Washington before returning home. I came home to Incarnation to take some rest before my flight the next day to California.

Modesto, California
I flew to California and arrived on a Sunday afternoon. I spent three days in California visiting a Priest from my old Diocese. He took me to visit the Golden Gate Bridge and to see Big Trees State Park. I also had the opportunity to visit with some other Indian Priests and we enjoyed some Indian food together. On Thursday, I flew to visit my brother in Atlanta, GA.

Atlanta, Georgia
I spent nine days in Atlanta with my brother. After a day of rest, my brother took me to visit Rock City Gardens in Northern Georgia. From the top of the lookout, you can see seven states in different directions. We then went to Ruby Falls where you walk a long way to take an elevator down 180 feet underground. We walked for one mile to view the actual falls. My brother took me over a course of many days to visit several parishes for Mass. After nine days with my brother, I traveled back to Centerville to Incarnation.