Priest Placement Announcement February 14, 2022:  

Fr. Brian Phelps has been named pastor of the sister parishes of Incarnation and St. Francis. He and Fr. Ignatius will shepherd us through the Beacons of Light process.

Fr. Pat Sloneker will be moving to Cincinnati to help bring 5 parishes on the east side into a family. As you know from his sharing, this is an assignment that he has great experience to bring to the table. We keep him in our prayers as we move forward. While we still don’t have many details regarding the future, we know that in the coming months we will decide the number and times of masses between our 2 parishes.  Most importantly, we need to pray for all the transitions that lie ahead, and we need to focus on how each of us is living our faith and making Jesus present in our families, at our jobs, and in the world each and every day. When we are focused on being Jesus’ presence for others and are strengthened by prayer and the sacraments, we will be able to meet the challenges ahead with grace and charity.